Posted on: January 6, 2009 8:14 pm
Edited on: January 6, 2009 8:15 pm

The worst kind of sports fans

Contrary to what may be conjured by the title, this isn't aimed at a specific team or conference group of fans. No, instead what's really getting on my nerves are these pseudo-diehards who say things like "if it's not my team, I don't care."

My most recent experience with this was sitting with a couple of Dallas Cowboys "fans", and I wanted to watch the early game, and for three hours, all I heard was griping about how boring football was. Confused, I asked if they weren't Cowboys fans like I had previously understood. The response was that they only liked football when it was their team playing.

Of course, seeing as they grew up in central Pennsylvania and had likely never left the state, I wondered what part of Dallas they were from to begin with, but that's another topic for another rant.

What kind of a freaking fan is that? The way I understand it, in order to cheer for a team, you have to be a fan of the sport itself first. My Buckeyes blew a big game again last night, but I was still able to take huge appreciation for the fact that Colt McCoy made some amazing throws under tremendous pressure. It bothers me when people can't appreciate the game and its players, and are so close-minded and whiny that if it's not their team, it must be boring and stupid and why would anyone else in the world like any other team except for theirs?

I had a lot of experience like that when I was living in Newport, Rhode Island, when the Patriots lost to the Colts in the AFC Championship Game. "If the Patriots aren't in the Super Bowl, I'm not even going to watch!" Yes, I feel so bad for you. You've pretty much dominated the entire decade, and you're so spoiled that if your team isn't in the championship game (for once), it's beneath you. Take 44 years without your hometown teams even winning a championship, maybe then I'll listen to you make such a vain complaint.

Stuff like that just drives me nuts.

Well, pretty close to counting down to baseball's opening day. That time is approaching where football ends before baseball begins when there's nothing to follow but spring training and free agent signings. As a football fan, anticipating April as well for the draft, see if the Browns actually do something worthwhile in the draft this year. Silly hope.
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